Александровские чтения-2016 | 22-26 мая 2016
Участник: Stana Nikčević Simić
Имя: Stana Nikčević Simić
Название: Homothety Curvature Homogeneity and Homothety Homogeneity
Город, страна: Belgrade, Serbia
Организация: University of Belgrade
We examine the difference between several notions of curvature homogeneity and show that the notions introduced by Kowalski and Vanzurova are genuine generalizations of the ordinary notion of k-curvature homogeneity. The homothety group plays an essential role in the analysis. We give a complete classification of homothety homogeneous manifolds which are not homogeneous and which are not VSI and show that such manifolds are cohomogeneity one. We also give a complete description of the local geometry if the homothety character defines a split extension. Joint work with E. Garcia-Rio and P. Gilkey.

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